7 Essential Things To Bring In Hiking

It’s always been a topic of discussion about what to bring on the hiking. Even if we plan much earlier before the trip, there are few trekking essentials that we tend to forget. That’s why we’ve listed 7 essential things you need to carry whenever you’re planning for a hike.

1. Hiking Backpack and Boots

The first most important thing is a hiking backpack. Get a good quality backpack that has enough space and durability to carry all the necessary gears and can also withstand the bad weather & conditions. 

Along with the backpack, a good pair of hiking boots are necessary. Hiking boots provide better grip on rocky or snowy mountains. For snowy mountains, you can also add crampons to your boots. They are a necessity for icy or snowy terrains.

2. First Aid Kit

Hiking in rough places is not easy. Scratches and bruises are normal in these rough places. To avoid further infection, a first aid kit is required. You can add some painkiller tablets, pain relief spray, disinfectant liquid, bandages and cotton strips.

You can also buy online a complete first aid kit for trekking. These are good for emergencies too. In case of a bad scrape or cut, these come in handy.

3. Multi Purpose Knife

A multi purpose knife can be a life saver in many ways. It can come in handy in many situations you can’t even imagine. In forest areas, you can cut branches to make an area for your tent or camp.

But that’s not all. There are some situations in which you need a sharp tool for yourself. You can also use it as a digging tool or for cutting bandages. 

4. Energy Boosting Snacks

Hiking with a backpack is not easy. For long treks it becomes a challenge. That’s why you need to maintain your energy level for the hike. Take along some energy boosting snacks with you like chocolates, dry fruits, energy bars, energy drink (water) etc.

You won’t enjoy your complete trekking if you’re drained or fatigued all the time. Make more out of your trek by keeping your energy level up.

5. Navigation Tools

Navigation tools are necessary, to check if you’re on the right path. A compass and map of trek route is a must to carry specially for long hikes. We know that a smartphone is a complete alternative for all this. 

But sometimes your smartphone stops working or runs out of battery. In that case, what will you do? That’s why you should carry all these items on your trek. You can also carry a flashlight to make your way in the dark terrains.

6. Personal Hygiene Essentials

It is important to take care of your personal hygiene during trekking. Sometimes it happens that you don’t get to take a shower on the trek. In this case, you must carry some essential things for your personal hygiene.

The checklist for personal hygiene is a hand sanitizer, napkins, biodegradable soap, towel, toothbrush, plastic bag for wet clothes.

7. Rainwear

Weather is unexpected in trekking, especially in the hilly areas. Get a jacket or a complete raincoat for your trek. These will help in keeping you dry in rainy weather or wet terrain.

You can also carry an extra pair of clothes just in case. Bring a lightweight, waterproof and multi pocket jacket.

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