5 Smart Ways to Pay off Home Loan Faster

Do you want to apply for a house loan or do you already have one but want to make your EMI payments more quickly?

Yes, if you can adhere to a few suggestions, you can pay off your home loan more quickly.

After all, a home loan is an obligation that nobody wants to carry for an extended period of time. It’s because home loan EMIs have a long-term impact on monthly expenses. Because it is a long-term commitment, most borrowers are able to pay it off earlier.

Here is a piece that provides some shrewd advice on how to quickly pay off your mortgage in the same context!

Try to Pay a Down Payment of More Than 20% 

A borrower must come up with the down payment for a house loan on their own. It’s because a lender will only finance up to 75% to 90% of the cost of a property.

Therefore, if you put down a sizeable sum that is greater than 20% of the property’s cost, you must borrow less money.

Your home loan interest rate outlay will decrease if you borrow less money. Your home loan’s EMI will decrease as a result. In other words, you’ll be able to pay off your loan more quickly.

Make Prepayments During the Tenor

You should make prepayments during the tenor if you have already taken out a home loan. Your home loan EMI, borrowable loan amount, and interest rate will all decrease when you do that. You will then be able to pay off your loan months or years sooner. However, before prepaying your loan, find out if your lender levies additional fees. The most cutting-edge banks and NBFCs in existence today impose no fees.

Go for a Shorter Tenor

By selecting a shorter tenor, you can afford the high home loan EMIs. You will be able to pay off your bills before the planned tenor, so to speak. However, the higher housing loan EMI may boost your outlays if you select a shorter tenor.

But in comparison to a longer tenor, you will also be able to save on interest rates. The home loan EMI calculator is available online. A precise EMI amount over both a longer and a shorter tenor will be displayed by the tool. You can be assured that the amount corresponds to your ability to repay. Thus, you will be able to select the tenor that is most appropriate.

Pick a Lender Offering You the Lowest Interest Rate

Make sure you understand the market before deciding on a lender. Yes, you should make an effort to research and compare each creditor’s proposals and interest rate agreements.

When everything is said and done, choose the lender with the lowest interest rate. As a result, you might be able to pay off the loan more quickly and keep your home loan EMI manageable.

That is free to do on a third-party platform. You might opt for a home loan balance transfer if you are currently paying a higher loan fee. It will enable you to transfer your existing loan to a different lender with a reduced interest rate.

By doing this, you can shorten the loan’s term and make quick payments on it. A high-value top-up loan will be a benefit of a home loan balance transfer as well. With a top-up loan, you have unlimited access to a wide range of different uses. It is also an ongoing home loan with the offered interest rate and tenor.

Pay Increased EMI Amount as Possible

Paying higher EMIs when you can ensure that your home loan is repaid as quickly as feasible. When you opt for a shorter tenor, nevertheless, you can believe that it is feasible. However, you would then be required to pay higher interest rates.

However, you can reduce interest charges if you pay a higher EMI amount without changing the tenor. Additionally, it will enable you to pay off your mortgage earlier than expected.

You should take into account one of the options and finish your housing loan more quickly than before based on your borrower profile. Contact a financial expert for advice if you’re unsure which option to choose.

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