3 Innovative Ways To Use Custom Shoe Boxes For Boosting Business Sales

Do you want your shoe-selling business to thrive? The only way to achieve it lies in making considerable efforts in packaging the product. Although the value of your product’s quality matters the most, you should also ensure packing them in custom luxury shoe boxes. 

These cardboard-built boxes are perfect for giving a valuable touch to your product. They work as a source of attracting customers to your brand. With more similar advantages, custom shoe boxes can change the sales game of your business. 

In this article, let’s learn some highly recommended designs to customize this packaging style. 

Ideas to Decorate Custom Shoe Boxes with Logo 

A single packaging style opens doors to multiple customization capabilities. You can get innovative with numerous factors to showcase your creative skills, from its colors to design. Moreover, the eye-pleasing creations ideally bring more customers to your brand.

We have enlisted a few practical ways by which you can customize the luxury shoe boxes to avail your business of this packaging box’s hundreds of marketing benefits. 

custom shoe box
  1. Custom Shoe Box with Side Opening of Two Panels 

Our first recommendation is regarding customizing the structure of the box. This design is an eye-catching approach. It would compel more customers to choose your brand over your competitors. This type of custom luxury shoe box looks like a normal carton with the top handle when closed. However, customers see the real magic when they open it. 

Upon opening the box, two panels come out at different angles, i.e., 60 and 70. It gives an actual luxurious touch to your packaging. Moreover, the handle at the top adds to the convenience of your customers. They can easily carry it around, unlike other boxes that lack any gripping accessory. 

  • Printed Custom Shoe Box 

The printed shoe boxes look like the usual tuck-top cartons. However, a single factor makes them different. In tuck-top boxes, you can separate both pieces. On the contrary, the top lid and bottom box remain connected in printed custom shoe boxes

It adds more convenience for shopkeepers and customers. There are no risks of losing the top in any case. Also, most custom shoe box manufacturers use cardboard material to produce printed boxes. It’s an inexpensive approach, while transportation costs are also minimal.

Moreover, the endless possibilities to customize these boxes work as a cherry on top. You can print your brand’s logo, message, and name on the box, along with some cute designs. Even a few basic details about the product works as a perfect marketing technique. 

  1. Transparent Plastic Shoe Boxes 

It’s a modern style. Hence, few sellers use it to display their shoe collection at their shops. This approach is highly beneficial for both parties. The plastic custom shoe boxes with logos are transparent, giving the customers a clear view of the product. 

For sellers, it works as an ideal sale-boosting technique. It also saves time as customers would know which shoe to try on to test the size. Also, this custom shoe box is perfect for protecting the shoe pair from dust particles. Your customers can also use these boxes as display racks at home. It would make it easier for them to grab a pair of shoes quickly without going through any hassle. 

  1. Custom Luxury Shoe Boxes 

If you want to amaze your customers with the packaging style of your product, it’s time to get custom luxury shoe boxes. It’s a perfect choice if you sell baby shoes. The cute packaging style would attract the little minds and even their parents. 

Also, there is a wide variety to select from, including plastic to cardboard cartons. These custom shoe boxes have a wide range of personalization possibilities, which you can discuss with the manufacturers. You can also use these luxurious boxes to give gifts on a kid’s birthday in your family. It doesn’t require any additional gift wrapping. The box’s design is a presentable exterior worthy of gifting someone. 

Final Thoughts

This article discusses three major ways of customizing a custom shoe box. All the ideas reflect brand-promoting approaches. Following them, you’d see a rise in your business’s sales while more customers will trust your product. 


Are custom shoe boxes with logos recyclable?

It depends on the material the custom shoe box manufacturers have used. If it’s plastic to give the transparent touch, you can not recycle. However, if the material is cardboard, then it’s highly biodegradable. 

If you want your brand to become a favorite among youngsters, considering custom shoe boxes of recyclable material are an ideal approach. 

Are custom shoe boxes worth it?

Yes, a custom shoe box is worth it, not just for its exceptional benefits. It’s also valuable as you can use different techniques to decorate it to give it a personalized touch. 

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